Yer late!

This fireshow brings you back to the 1920’s, where the characters come from the old black&white silent film genre. With Pyro-effects suitable for indoor and outdoor performances, the enchanting combination of slapstick theater and flames revive the splendour of the roaring twenties, and the music is swinging !

  • Corporate / Public/Private events, Street Theater Festivals, Cabarets, Weddings, Birthdays, Bah Mitvahs… you name it, we’ll play it!
  • Suitable for Indoor AND Outdoor events (we take very high precautions to make this possible!)
  • DURATION 12/15 minutes
  • STAGE 3m deep x 5m wide x 4m interior height (smaller stages are also possible by arrangement)
  • LIGHT The room / stage area should be without bright lights, preferably a deep blue-ish stage lighting desirable





Ein Gedanke zu „Yer late!“

  1. This show is absolutely amazing! Thank you guys for lighting up the evening for us, always a pleasure to see you all onstage! Until next year!!

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